Frequently Asked Questions

How does Magpie work?

Magpie lets you shop directly from the images and videos across your favorite blogs, sites, and apps without ever leaving the page. With one Magpie account, you are able to buy products with a single click, and we make sure that you are getting the best price available. All of the items are shipped by retailers as if you had ordered them directly on their sites. 

Is Magpie free to use?

Yes it is! In fact, Magpie searches the web to make sure you are getting the best price available.

How do I shop with Magpie?
  1. When you are on a page with Magpie tags, hover over the image (or tap on mobile) to reveal product tags which will appear as green gems in a white square near the product itself.
  2. Hovering over the gems reveals more product information, and by clicking ‘SHOP,’ you can add the product to your Magpie cart, which will appear as a sidebar on your desktop.
  3. You can add more items to the cart by clicking on other tags on the page.
  4. If you are signed in with your Magpie account, you can check out through the sidebar cart itself with just one click. Otherwise, enter your payment and shipping info, and you’ll be ready to shop. Once you’ve created an account, you will be able to use it to shop with Magpie on any of our partner sites and apps.
Does Magpie work with all browsers?

Currently, you can use Magpie on desktop and tablet using both Chrome and Safari. We are working to add mobile and new browsers soon.

How do I check the status on my order?

We will forward you the email from the retailer regarding your purchase and you can use the information in that email to track your order. If you have any further questions about your order status, please contact the retailer.

What information do you share with the retailer?

We use your name, address, and phone number when required by the retailer to ensure your purchased items get delivered to you. We do not share your email and payment information with the retailer.

How do I know if an influencer’s page is Magpie-enabled?

You can see if an image has Magpie tags when by hovering over it on desktop or by tapping on mobile. On mobile, the tags will also appear for a few seconds when the image loads.

What if an influencer doesn’t use Magpie on an image I want details on?

Leave them a comment on the influencer’s page suggesting they sign up for Magpie. Let them know how much you love the service!

Which countries can I ship to?

Currently, Magpie supports shipping to the United States. Stay tuned as we add international coverage.

How much to do you charge for shipping?

We charge the rate that is offered by the retailer (listed after the brand in the sidebar) that is sending you the product. At this point we are defaulting to the least expensive option and will add more options in future releases.

Can I select my shipping options?

Currently we automatically choose the least expensive shipping option. We will be adding the ability to select shipping methods in the near future.

Do I have to pay sales tax?

It depends on the retailer that is sending you the product, but Magpie will not charge you sales tax on top of what the retailer charges. The price you pay, including shipping and taxes will be the same through Magpie, as it would be if you ordered the item on the retailer’s page. Magpie never charges you extra.

Please note: The Estimated Tax amount displayed during checkout is an estimate of the duties and taxes applicable to your order. This amount may vary slightly from the actual amount of taxes and duties payable in connection with your order due to different tax rates that apply as a result of the origin and destination of the item(s) being purchased, as well as other factors. The actual amount of taxes and duties payable in connection with your order will appear in your Order Confirmation email.

I want to return an item I bought through Magpie. What should I do?

Please contact the retailer that sent you the item, or visit their website for return information. You can also find the return information in the email they sent you to confirm the order. Once you have initiated the return process let us know at We will refund the order total once the return is confirmed.

I signed up for Magpie but am unable to complete checkout. How do I fix this?

There are a few reasons why this might be happening:

  1. You may not have completed all the required information in your profile, including shipping and payment information. To fill out your profile go to —link—
  2. Your payment information could not be verified. Please make sure your information is up to date  —link—
  3. Other reasons?
  4. We may be experiencing technical difficulties. We appreciate your patience as we work on improving Magpie for the future
  5. If the problem persists, email us at
How do I edit my account information?

You can add new addresses and new payment methods while checking out directly in on our partner bog sites. If you want to edit other details of your account like your display name, email and password, please email

How do I delete my account?

Please email and request to have your account deleted.

How can I become a Magpie Influencer?

To join Magpie’s monetization platform as an influencer, apply at

How can I become a Magpie brand?

To join Magpie as a brand and get the most advanced influencer commerce experience, email

How does Magpie make money?

We receive a commission from the retailer. We never charge you a fee to use Magpie.

Does Magpie work on mobile browsers or Instagram?

Magpie currently works on desktop only. Our mobile and Instagram solutions will be released soon. Stay tuned.

If you have any other questions, please contact us at